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Irish Medtech Association

Irish Medtech Association is the business association within Ibec representing the medical devices and diagnostics sector. Irish Medtech Association has almost 200 members, located throughout the island of Ireland. Irish Medtech Association's broad focus is to promote and support an environment that encourages the sustainable development and profitable growth of our multinational and small to medium size medical device and diagnostic companies. Irish Medtech Association is led by a Board of Industry CEOs/Chief Representatives and implements its strategy via various working groups and taskforces.

A key pillar of Irish Medtech Association's Strategy is maximising technology innovation across sectors to improve patient outcomes by facilitating interaction between industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, ICT and materials to encourage technology convergence in the development of new medical products and solutions.

Irish Medtech Association is Contracting Organisation to Connected Health Skillnet, which operates in partnership with two other Ibec business sectors Biopharmachem Ireland and Technology Ireland.


Ibec is Ireland's largest lobby group representing Irish business both domestically and internationally. Its membership is home grown, multinational, big and small, spanning every sector of the economy. Together they employ over 70% of the private sector workforce in Ireland. Ibec and its trade associations lobby government, policy makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally to shape business conditions and drive economic growth. It has over 230 professional services staff in seven locations including Brussels and has 42 different trade associations in the group.

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