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Introduction to Agile Software Development


Become familiar with the principles and terminology of Agile during this 2-day workshop and decide if agile is suitable for your organisations circumstances.

Content includes

  • Agile Values & Principles. The Agile Manifesto.
  • Agile Methodologies; Scrum Framework, Extreme Programming (XP) & Kanban.
  • Agile Culture & Mind-set changes required for Agile.
  • How to be successful with Agile and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • Agile Requirements; Epics & User Stories. Agile Estimation; Story Points, Ideal Hours & Planning Poker.
  • How to make the move from Waterfall to Agile.
  • Project Management: Predictive v Agile v Kanban.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, the delegates will understand:
  • The underlying agile principles and terminology.
  • Different Agile techniques such as Scrum, XP & Kanban.
  • The cultural and mind-set challenges for Agile adoption.
  • Scrum framework, process & ceremonies.
  • Scrum Master, Product Owner & Scrum Team roles.
  • Kanban theory and concepts; Visualisation, WIP, Flow, Feedback & Self-organising Teams.
  • The differences between Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall Project Management.
  • If Agile methods are appropriate for your organisation / project.

    Who should attend

    This is an introductory workshop and, as such, is ideal for someone who is new to Agile. It will be of benefit to anyone who is considering an Agile approach to managing their software development projects or simply wants to understand how Agile / Lean could benefit them.

    Upcoming dates:

    No training dates available at the moment.

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    Introduction to Agile Software Development

    Training Days

    2 days

    Training Locations

    Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Westmeath

    Course Cost

    Member: €475
    Non-member: €630
    * Cost quoted per person

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