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Medical Software Quality Assurance (Level 8 NFQ, 15 ECTs)


This programme will provide participants with fundamental theoretical and practical skills, abilities, and knowledge for assuring the quality of medical device software applications in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements and quality management systems. All applicable Standards pertaining to Medical Device Software are covered during this comprehensive programme and participants will be capable of creating and executing test cases and tracking software issues from their diagnosis to resolution, and generally assuring the quality of developed software.

This is applicable to standalone software which is a medical device, software which is part of a medical device, medical device applications and for software used in the Medtech regulated environment.

The programme is delivered virtually over 2 x 8-week modules through live virtual classes, self paced eLearning and project work. Online classes will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Throughout the programme there is a strong emphasis on developing practical skills and upon completion, learners will be able to apply the theory behind what they have learned in their workplace.

This course is ideal for those responsible for assuring the quality of software in a medtech regulated environment, including Regulatory compliance personnel, Software Testers, Software Engineers, Quality Engineers, Quality Assurance personnel, Project Managers, Technical Consultants etc

Please download the brochure for a full overview of the programme syllabus, assessment and learning outcomes or contact us for further details.

Syllabus & Delivery Schedule

Module 1: Foundations of Software Testing
Module 2: Software Quality Assurance Standards

*Module 1 follows the ISTQB Foundations syllabus in preparation for the ISTQB exam.

Start Date / Online Introduction: 09 September 2022

Module 1: (September - November 2022)
Self-paced eLearning (ISTQB Foundations Syllabus):
  • 09 September - 09 October
Online Classes (60-90 minutes):
  • 11, 13, 18, 20 October

Module 2: (January - April 2023)
Online Classes (60-90 minutes):
  • 24, 26, 31 January
  • 01, 07, 09, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 February
  • 02, 07, 09, 14, 16 March

Note* Approximately 30 hours will be required for online learning and project work.

Entry Requirements

A 3rd Level qualification (certificate, diploma, degree) in Software, Quality or a Science related discipline is desired.
However, experience in software quality assurance activities, such as software testing, will be taken into account in lieu of a third level qualification


The programme will be accredited to Level 8 NFQ with 15 ECTs

Upcoming dates:

No training dates available at the moment.

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Medical Software Quality Assurance (Level 8 NFQ, 15 ECTs)

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