A message from Irish Medtech Association Skillnet Contracting Organisation - Sinead Keogh

The Irish Medtech Association, the sector within Ibec that represents the Medical Devices and Diagnostics industries in Ireland is delighted to present an overview Irish Medtech Skillnet training programmes and Irish Medtech Skillnet sponsored programmes.

As the contracting organisation for the Irish Medtech Skillnet, I wish to pay tribute to the tremendous work done by the Irish Medtech Skillnet Steering Committee under the leadership of Pauline O’Flanagan, the Irish Medtech Skillnet network manager, and and Emma Kilgallon (Chairperson 2017/2018) though out the year in steering the course and taking professional development within the sector and Irish Medtech Association’s Statement of Strategy to the next level.

The availability of key skills and provision of industry - specific, high-quality, cost-effective training has been identified as a key driver for success under Irish Medtech Association’s current Strategy by Government under its “Action Plan for Jobs 2012” and Skillnet Ireland since 2008, the Irish Medtech Skillnet has been extremely successful in developing niche bespoke programmes in direct response to industry needs. The programmes presented here will support the preservation and growth of jobs, as well as the enhancement of new skills to create new jobs. I would like to thank Irish Medtech Association’s working groups for their commitment, foresight and energy in supporting the development of key programmes that will deliver current and future skills needs for the sector.

Ireland is now recognised as a leading emerging global hub for medical technologies. In 2013 the sector exported €8bn in product and services, up 10% from 2011. The sector employs 27,000 across 300 companies, which makes Ireland, per capita, the biggest medical technology employer in European Union (EU). Four decades of developing appropriate policies and competing for international investment have resulted in many of the world’s top Medtech companies locating themselves in Ireland, in addition to the growth of a thriving indigenous base.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Skillnet Ireland for their continued commitment and their role in delivering and supporting the future success of the sector here.
To each of our member organisations, I encourage you to ensure that you are getting the most out of what is on offer through the Irish Medtech Skillnet.

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Sinead Keogh
Irish Medtech Association Director